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From start to finish, Stacey will take care of everything, including estimates, shopping, delivery, setup, and service. No event is too big or too small; Weddings, Engagements, Corporate Parties, Graduations, Family Reunions, Birthday Parties, Blessings, and all occasions.

The Bars Are Us, staff comes from all over the world and from every background you can imagine. They absolutely love their job, and it shows in the service and attitude they bring to every event.

Tropical Drinks

Exotic tropical drinks are a fun and festive way to add to any celebration. Whether you are hosting a luau or just looking for a way to cool off, tropical drinks can be the key to a relaxing island atmosphere. These drinks are often alcoholic, but any can be modified to remove the alcohol and leave a delicious, fruity cooler.


A martini is a cocktail featuring a chilled blend of gin or vodka and a hint of either sweet red or dry white vermouth. Original recipes called for a 2:1 ratio of gin to vermouth, but that proved to be too unpopular with drinkers who preferred the astringent and sharp taste of gin to the sweetness or dryness of a wine-based product like Italian vermouth. Refinements to the recipe led to at least a 5:1 ratio, all the way to a 15:1 ratio for some enthusiasts.

Skinny Drinks

It’s no secret that alcohol is packed with calories. Plus, the higher the alcohol content in a drink, the more calories it has. If you aim to skim back on calories at the bar, order drinks with sugar-free soda, sparkling water or a squeeze of fresh citrus instead of cocktails that have a base of fruit juice, simple syrup or cream.

Organic Drinks

The organic beverage also has another name of a fresh or processed drink made by organic methods in farming. This kind of beverage maximizes the benefits for your health by minimizing the harmful human-made chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers, which are ensured from the ingredient sourcing.


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